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What genres do you work in?

Mostly poetry. Once in a while I write an essay, but mostly poetry.

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I write poetry. I do different kinds of journalism, more in the past than currently, but still some. I used to do a fair amount of art journalism, like reviews and sometimes catalog pieces, and sometimes essays about visual art. And I did other kinds of general journalism. And I've written some Non-fiction and a teeny bit of fiction. Sort of.

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Poetry. I have written some essays and some forewords to books when I was judging first book prize contests. But in the main, poetry.

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Poetry and prose.

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I write prose and poetry, essays, nonfiction, and mostly poems.

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Poetry, primarily, but also I write short stories.

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Poetry almost exclusively. Every now and then I'm sort forced to commit prose, like a craft lecture or something, and I've got a bunch of those that some day, people keep telling me, I should make a book out of. But mostly I'm just not interested. I'd rather write poems.

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