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What digital devices do you have access to for writing?

Well, really just two. I have an iPad and I have a Dell computer upstairs. Oh, and I have one at work, too. Also a Dell.

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I have a laptop, a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer, and that's mainly it. That and my office computer, which is a desktop.

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This laptop is my home computer. And then I have two sort of travel ones. One is a MacBook Air, which is like this but much lighter and thinner. And then one is an iPad mini, which I don't write on that much, but I write on a little, and it's like an iPad but it's a little smaller. It's like kind of purse size.

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I have access to an iPad—but I have never written anything on it except a terse email. And I cannot bear reading poems in that form.

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Just this machine.

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This laptop, a MacBook. I mean, that's about it, other than whatever scratchpad I might put a note or idea in.

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I have a desktop computer and an iPad. I don't use the iPad much, but sometimes for internet stuff.

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Pens, pencils. There's four computing devices in this one room. I keep an old XP Machine going—with difficulty, these days. I liked Word 2003. I managed to get that and Word 2007 on that machine, and then I have a little small Acer, which is underneath there, which is actually probably the most advanced, but again, it's Word 2007 is on there that I write with, and it's for travel. And then since the last thing I made was an app for iPad, I was forced to buy an iPad—show the thing on it! So that's over there, a mini.

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Yeah, I work on 3 different computers. This big iMac here that I use and then I have a laptop Mac, and then I also have an iPad.

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Most fundamentally, of course, is the computer. I have one laptop. That's my private computer, which sometimes I compose on. Always I compose prose on the computer. I can't imagine being a prose writer and writing in long hand, but some people do. Beyond that, I have pencils and pens and note books.

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