Rae Armantrout

I know you can save things on your hard drive and give your hard drive to a library, but God knows what's on my hard drive

Amy Gerstler

The way I used to back-up was just on external [hard drive]. ... But I have problems with those and also with the house burning down, that would burn down, too.

James McMichael

On Wednesday, I'm told by our tech, that what's there gets backed up. So, Wednesday about 2:00AM, or something like that, and on Thursday at 2:00AM, some back-up takes place. So, that's all I know about it.

K. Silem Mohammad

I've got a server here on campus. It's a backup server that I save things to. It's very simple. All I'd need to do is drag stuff right now, and I could do it to stop worrying about it. I've also got an external hard drive at home

Robert Pinsky

I have a 2 TB amazingly small little white brick [external hard drive] that backs up automatically.

Michael Ryan

I hope [my computer] has a back up system on it—I think it does. I think it backs it up automatically.

Stephanie Strickland

I back that up onto a flash drive and then I have this sync toy stuff that Microsoft makes for its computers. So I have that on there, and so I sync that onto there. That works okay. Then I have a little wallet backup drive that I try to put from there onto that, but it doesn't work as well.

Nance Van Winckel

I save them as Word docs and then when I'm done with them and the books are published, then I just put them on a back-up disk and take them offmy hard drive here

Robert Wrigley

I'm less concerned with the Mac. Somehow it seems, you know, I never have any issues with it. Whereas PC sometimes seem to kind of odd or they would be afflicted by some bug. That worried me so I had this 3/4 TB hard drive that, every time I came out here, I just plugged it in and it was on automatic backup

Robert Wrigley

Once I decide that that's done and it goes into computer as a kind of final draft, that's just the final poem as it stands there and I'll eliminate anything else that existed along the way, just to keep the old hard drive from being cluttered up, and just to make it easier to find things when I need them.

Robert Wrigley

I no longer have an external hard drive. Back when I had a PC I had an external hard drive where I backed up everything from the hard drive of the computer onto an external drive. Now, I put things into the cloud