Bruce Beasley

I have a laptop, a Toshiba Satellite laptop computer, and that's mainly it.

Amy Gerstler

This laptop is my home computer.And then I have two sort of travel ones. One is a MacBook Air, which is like this but much lighter and thinner.

K. Silem Mohammad

This laptop, a MacBook. I mean, that's about it, other than whatever scratchpad I might put a note or idea in.

Robert Pinsky

I used to go through the whole rigmarole of syncing between my desktop and my laptop. I went through various generations of the best way to do that and now I'm not quite at the totally-cloud web system, but I realized that with a nice external monitor, external keyboard, external mouse, I can use the MacBook Pro as what we used to call the ICU. T

Michael Ryan

I have an old laptop in my closet that I thought to get the hard disk transcribed to a newer computer. I just have never done it. It's probably impossible, now-it's way out of date.

Stephanie Strickland

The university had a computer there in a room with a stage and you needed a technician to come and fix up all the, whatever—and then they didn't anymore because everyone was expected to bring their laptop and to have one and travel with it. I had a lot of problems with my hands from when I first started doing digital work and I travel really, really light so that made me really angry... 

Stephanie Strickland

I have a little small Acer, which is underneath there, which is actually probably the most advanced, but again, it's Word 2007 is on there that I write with, and it's for travel.

Nance Van Winckel

I work on 3 different computers. This big iMac here that I use and then I have a laptop Mac, and then I also have an iPad.

Nance Van Winckel

I don't really take the laptop with me. I have an older laptop and it's pretty heavy.

Nance Van Winckel

With the laptop, I have put things on a memory stick and moved things back and forth that way.

Robert Wrigley

I have one laptop. That's my private computer, which sometimes I compose on. Always I compose prose on the computer. I can't imagine being a prose writer and writing in long hand, but some people do.

Robert Wrigley

I  got my first computer in the Fall of 1995. This is the sort of computer that had a—which I still have; it still works—a Compaq, a little tiny "laptop," as we called them then, that had a minimal hard drive.

Robert Wrigley

On this book shelf here there is a little piece of wood that functions as a book-stop, and it didn't use to have that. I had a big marble book end which I was sitting right here, I had my feet on the desk as I was reading and I heard something slide. I just turned just to see this 12-lb marble book end just crush on the laptop. I managed to get the hard drive up and retrieve everything, the hard drive was fine. It didn't hurt it, it just killed the mechanism. I'm not too worried about it.