Rae Armantrout

I have Dropbox, but I am not using it for this. I'm using it for a class that I've been teaching with someone.

Amy Gerstler

The book is the thing, and then in the floating galaxy of Carbonite, there's also a copy of it and that's sort of enough.

K. Silem Mohammad

I've got a server here on campus. It's a backup server that I save things to. It's very simple. All I'd need to do is drag stuff right now, and I could do it to stop worrying about it. I've also got an external hard drive at home.

Robert Pinsky

I used to go through the whole rigmarole of syncing between my desktop and my laptop. I went through various generations of the best way to do that and now I'm not quite at the totally-cloud web system, but I realized that with a nice external monitor, external keyboard, external mouse, I can use the MacBook Pro as what we used to call the ICU. Then when I'm tired of using that way, I just have to remember to eject the backup and then unplug all that stuff and then I could get on an airplane with it. I'm not syncing it with anything. It's itself.

Robert Pinsky

I have a Dropbox account and I have a 2 TB amazingly small little white brick that backs up automatically.

Nance Van Winckel

I do use Dropbox but… Not really so much for backup, but to send things to people.

Robert Wrigley

Back when I had a PC I had an external hard drive where I backed up everything from the hard drive of the computer onto an external drive. Now, I put things into the cloud, the iCloud. I back stuff up on Mozy just to keep track. Theoretically, at least, I've never had to go retrieve anything. But, theoretically, it's "safe" out there.

Robert Wrigley

I got stuff in the cloud and I got stuff in Mozy so I feel pretty sanguine about the possibilities of me being able to retrieve something. Now if a forest fire rips through when I'm gone and burns up the computer and all my boxes of poems and everything, then its Mozy or the cloud and that's it. And every place in the woods in this part of Idaho burns.